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It was founded in 2005, is located in Arapongas - PR. It began producing Armchairs for Breastfeeding what has become known in the children's market, along with the quality of products, customer service and the wide acceptance of consumers. In 2012, we saw that it was time to expand our product line, we started to manufacture children's furniture. We do everything with the same care, respect and security that always had throughout our walk.


Be a national reference in the manufacture of children's furniture exceeding the established standards of quality, highlighting the performance of their products and creating competitive advantages.


Generate value for our customers, partners, employees and society, working in the furniture industry in a sustainable manner, seeking to satisfy the market needs it serves, committed to the realization of the dreams of their customers by giving them products with modern designer and great quality .

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Phoenix Baby

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Street Rouxinol, 3987, Industrial Park IV


Phone (43) 3055-2114

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